About Me

Incompetent but Hopeful

Welcome to my blog!


My name is Morgan Goodwin. I would like to share a little about me and my journey. I was born and raised in Atlanta. I currently live in Dallas with my husband, Marquise Goodwin. We spend half the year traveling back and forth from Dallas and San Jose. He plays for the San Francisco 49ers, Go Niners! 

My husband and I both went to The University of Texas, at Austin. Go Longhorns! I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Public Relations. And now, I have a Masters of Arts in Strategic Communications from Liberty University.

We currently have no kids. We are praying for our rainbow baby. I suffer from a condition called incompetent cervix, which makes me have pre-term labor and unfortunately a second trimester loss. It’s a silent unborn baby killer. This blog shares my personal experience, the different ways I am coping, and is intended to be helpful and encouraging. It might as well be a public diary. Thanks for reading a little more about me.

Hope you enjoy reading!