Baby Marae Is 2 Months Old!!!

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, April 19th, 2020
incompetent but hopeful-child loss

You guys, I AM A MOM!!! My daughter is already 2 months old. Marae is trying to crawl and she’s cooing and also smiling at us. She started smiling the day after Easter. I will never forget that day.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

This year has been crazy with this virus and quarantine. I just want to keep my baby as safe as possible. I haven’t been writing much because I’ve been soaking up motherhood and spending all the quality time with my hubby and daughter. How has everyone else been doing during this quarantine? I’ve been praying for the work entire world, those infected, those with family members who are infected, and those who are just plain scared.


As of now, Marae is going to bed around 11 pm. She doesn’t wake up for a feeding until 4 am and then again around 7 am. So right now, we are getting about 5 hrs of sleep and then another 3 hrs. I am so proud of my baby girl. She likes to sleep just like her mommy.


Marae eats every 2 hrs during the day and sometimes goes longer if she’s napping. After Marae was born, she latched immediately. Unfortunately, my milk took four days to come in and she wasn’t getting enough colostrum until day four. So I had to formula feed her for a couple days. After my milk came in, I started back breastfeeding her and she latched immediately again.

My nipples was on fire when Marae was around 2 & 3 weeks old. I honestly think it was because her mouth was so tiny. When she hit 4 weeks old, breastfeeding stopped hurting. However, when my breast have “let down” reflex it still hurts. “Let down” reflex is the sensation you feel wen your breastmilk starts to flow. It happens when a hormone called oxytocin is released.

My daughter will not take a bottle anymore. She will cry and fall asleep before she takes a bottle. She won’t even take a pacifier. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I love breastfeeding. It’s a great way to bond with her. Plus, I love being her sole provider for her food. I have a large milk production, enough to share and donate extra milk. My goal is to breastfeed up until she is 1 years old.


When Marae was just 8 weeks old, she got her 2 month old shots. She received a total of 4 shots and 1 oral medication. She cried and then she stopped once we picked her up and cuddled her. She is now 10 lbs!!! She’s gained a total of 5 lbs since birth. I can tell too, because she is getting heavier each week.

Other News

Three weeks ago, we drove to Dallas from Atlanta to quarantine back at our house. The drive took 10 hrs and we did it with a newborn. Thats not all, we had to drive back three weeks later because Marae and I had doctor appointments. We also ended our lease and moved out of our Atlanta apartment while we were there. We did all of this in a total of four days, then we drove right back to Dallas.

I am still exhausted from our trip, so I’ve been resting for the past couple of days. Now I have to get her nursery together all over again. This should be fun. I will share her new nursery in our home as soon as I am finished with it.

With Love,

Marae’s Mommy

3 Replies to “Baby Marae Is 2 Months Old!!!”

  1. Hello Morgan
    Thank you again for sharing your life with us fans, I love her name, never heard that name before, I have heard Marea, meaning when the sun touches the sea. It has been so good to see you so happy and smiling. You and Marquise make a great team. You take care and I look forward to more GOODWINZ on you tube, I think I spelled it wrong.

    God bless you all

  2. 10 pounds? Nice!!! Motherhood suits you-not easy but you’re taking on the challenges like a champ-including the extra challenges of having to do it during this time……. Your are blessed, and you know it, and are grateful for it so that helps. Keep enjoying motherhood and thanks for sharing your beautiful baby with the rest of us.

  3. Ohhhhhhh my, she is just perfection, isn’t she!? I miss having a tiny baby and breastfeeding, it is my favorite. I’m SO happy for you guys! Congratulations a million times over!! xoxo

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