Starting On Our Baby’s Nursery

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, January 12th, 2020

I am finally starting on our baby’s nursery. Whoo, what a journey this pregnancy has been. I am 31 weeks and I’m just now buying a crib and dresser. I debated on whether or not I wanted to do a nursery because we aren’t really at our home back in Dallas. This will be our first living baby, so why not do everything a first time mom would do just because we’re in an apartment.

My husband and I are going to get the full experience. While I’m concerned about prices, hubby is all for buying the most expensive products. Right now, we are waiting for our furniture to arrive at our new apartment. So far, I’ve set up our GA Power bill, cable and internet, our security system, and renters insurance. Next, I am working on finding a painter to paint a couple walls in the nursery and living room.

Baby Shower Dress

Guess what?! I finally found a dress for my baby shower! I know, I know, I am so late. My dress is getting altered and I pick it up Friday, January 10th. Mind you my shower is 9 days later. The lady who is altering my dress will be replacing the zipper in the back of my dress with a corset. If I grow anymore within this week before my baby shower, my dress will be able to be adjusted by using the straps in the back. I’m so smart! In addition, I’ve scheduled my hair appointment, ordered my hair, and I scheduled my makeup appointment. Lastly, I’ll need to get my nails done.

3D/4D Ultraosund

Hubby and I had another 3D/4D ultrasound. Our baby was not trying let us see him/her this time. We saw our baby sucking on his/her placenta and thumb. We also got to see our baby practice breathing too. I love watching our baby on the ultrasound. Stay tuned for our upcoming video of our 3D/4D ultrasound on our YouTube channel, GoodwinSZN.

I think our baby still looks like hubby. When I was 25 weeks, I thought our baby looked like a boy. This time, I think our baby looked liked a girl. Should we have one more 3D/4D ultrasound at a later date around 35 weeks or just wait until birth to see our baby again? I just love seeing our little miracle growing. I am so excited to have a healthy baby. Honestly, I cannot believe that I have less than 38 days until baby arrives.

Next On My To-do List

My main focus is to finish all of my planning for our baby shower. After the baby shower I will start getting the rest of the items for our baby’s nursery. That way I can use the gift cards we receive from our baby shower to buy stuff for the nursery, diapers, and wipes. Honest brand, will be sending us a care package of diapers.

Oh yea, I still need to get my hospital bag ready and I need to get a diaper bag for our baby. However, I may end up using the same bag for me and baby’s belongings. Anyways, I cant wait to share more updates with y’all. In addition, I still feel great and my stomach is really growing bigger and bigger. Yay!

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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