Happy Mother’s Day: It’s Not My First

Experiencing Loss

This Mother’s Day is completely different from the previous two years. Two years in a row I didn’t get to bring home my babies. Now this year, I am staring into the eyes of my baby girl and I can’t be more grateful. If it wasn’t for God, my supportive husband, and my Dr. Haney […]

May 10, 2020

Baby Marae Is 2 Months Old!!!

Experiencing Loss

You guys, I AM A MOM!!! My daughter is already 2 months old. Marae is trying to crawl and she’s cooing and also smiling at us. She started smiling the day after Easter. I will never forget that day. This year has been crazy with this virus and quarantine. I just want to keep my […]

April 19, 2020

Baby Marae Is One Month Old Today!!!

Experiencing Loss

Hey everyone, Marae is one month old today. She is getting so big too. When she was born she weighed 5lbs 13oz and left the hospital weighing 5lbs 8oz. Well I am excited to say that we weighed her last night and she was approximately 7lbs 15.25oz. What?!!! She’s definitely 8lbs today. I also noticed […]

March 18, 2020

Entering My 4th Trimester

Experiencing Loss

I cannot believe Baby Marae is already two weeks old. But really, I cannot believe that me and hubby are finally parents! What a long journey for us. I am officially in the 4th trimester of pregnancy. This is basically the 12 week period after your baby is born and you basically adjust to new […]

March 4, 2020

Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Experiencing Loss

I cannot believe I am saying this, but today I AM 37 WEEKS! YAY! In this post I will recap my 36th week of pregnancy. I hope everyone enjoyed their valentines day weekend. My 36 weeks was very rough and lots of things happened this past week. Our 4 Year Anniversary February 12th is our […]

February 19, 2020

Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

Experiencing Loss

It feels great to be 35 weeks. One week closer to meeting our baby boy or baby girl. Yes, we still don’t know the sex of our baby. After losing our babies in 2017 and 2018, I decided that I wouldn’t find out the sex of our babies ever again in the future. Why? Well, […]

February 9, 2020

Pregnancy Update: I Am 34 Weeks Today

Experiencing Loss

Yay, one week closer to the finish line. After my baby shower, things slowed down a little. I am enjoying my pregnancy and now I am planning a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. Yes, you heard that right. I will be traveling to Miami for the Super Bowl. Super Bowl My doctors are […]

January 28, 2020

32 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Shower Weekend

Experiencing Loss

The day before our baby shower was hectic. I won’t get into detail but I’m just going to say that I pray nobody ruins my special day when I deliver Baby Goodwin. Literally cried so much that I thought my eyes would be swollen shut the day of our baby shower. My stress level was […]

January 24, 2020

Starting On Our Baby’s Nursery

Experiencing Loss

I am finally starting on our baby’s nursery. Whoo, what a journey this pregnancy has been. I am 31 weeks and I’m just now buying a crib and dresser. I debated on whether or not I wanted to do a nursery because we aren’t really at our home back in Dallas. This will be our […]

January 12, 2020