Happy Mother’s Day: It’s Not My First

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, May 10th, 2020

This Mother’s Day is completely different from the previous two years. Two years in a row I didn’t get to bring home my babies. Now this year, I am staring into the eyes of my baby girl and I can’t be more grateful. If it wasn’t for God, my supportive husband, and my Dr. Haney TAC, my daughter wouldn’t be sitting in my arms right now. You can watch my TAC surgery here.

10 weeks old

Hearing Happy Mother’s Day actually gives me a warm fuzzy sensation now. Before this, I felt empty inside. I am grateful for my experiences leading up to this day. My journey to parenthood was not an easy task. Although my husband and I were faced with adversity, I never gave up on my dreams of becoming a mother. Funny thing is, when I was younger I would always say that I wanted a baby girl first. I imagined her being a super intelligent fast learner who teaches her younger brothers everything she knows.

11 weeks old

My baby girl, Marae, is everything that I’ve imagined and more. She stole our hearts the minute she entered this world. We cant stop looking at her gorgeous grey eyes. Sweet baby Marae can sure light up a mood. It’s a bitter sweet moment every time I think about her brothers in heaven, but I know our sons are protecting and watching us from above. Hubby and I always think about what our boys would’ve been like, who they would’ve looked like, and what their personalities would’ve been like.

9 weeks old

Anyways, just know that I am a testament. Our divine interruptions set me up to be a great mother to Marae and our other future children. Yes, I plan on having more children, at least three kids.

11 weeks old

I am just so thankful. God is good! There’s only one thing I want for mothers day. I pray that somewhere out in this world there is an angel mama that finds my blog/story and gains the courage to never give up on her dreams of becoming a mother. Cheers to not leaving the hospital empty handed this time. Thankful my mom was able to be there to support me during my birth. She is truly the best mother anyone could have. No CAP!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Marae’s Mom

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