Baby Marae Is One Month Old Today!!!

Experiencing Loss / Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
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Hey everyone, Marae is one month old today. She is getting so big too. When she was born she weighed 5lbs 13oz and left the hospital weighing 5lbs 8oz. Well I am excited to say that we weighed her last night and she was approximately 7lbs 15.25oz. What?!!! She’s definitely 8lbs today.

I also noticed that she will be needing size 1 diapers really soon. I still have like 3 boxes of newborn size diapers. Looks like we will need to exchange some sizes soon. So far, I am loving Pampers Swaddlers.


I was literally holding her the other day, telling hubby she is getting heavy. Like how the heck am I suppose to breastfeed her heavy self and hold up her head up too lol. I discovered a secret breastfeeding position. I lay on my back and put her in a praying position with her legs/knees on the bed and her head facing my boob. This is an easy comfortable breastfeeding position.

Breastfeeding has been a lot better. Nursing is getting better and better each week. My nipples are still tender to touch when I am showering and with my right breast I still have to help her nurse. My right boob is slightly bigger than my left and it makes it hard for her to get a good latch. I’ve been producing so much milk that I think I’m going to start donating my milk again. Our freezer in our apartment was so full of breastmilk that I had to have my mom put two bags full of my milk in her deep freezer.


Every night is a trial and error for us when it comes to our bedtime routine with Marae. We never know what type of night we will have. I am happy to announce that Baby Marae sleep really good last night. My last feed before going to actual bed was 12am. She didn’t wake up until 4am and then again at 8am. We slept good last night and it felt great! The secret to our good nights sleep was swaddling her up real tight after a diaper change and feeding. All three of us slept like angels.


I hope everyone is being safe and practicing good hygiene. This epidemic is a little scary. I’m not worried about me or hubby, I am more concerned with keeping Marae safe and free of this virus. Praying that a cure will soon be made to go against this virus.

With Love,

Marae’s Mommy

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  1. I’m so happy for y’all. Baby Marae is being a good baby for her mom and dad. I’m glad y’all got a great night’s sleep. Take care and keep Baby Marae safe. God bless the Goodwin family🙏🏽❣️

  2. You’re a natural at being a mom! So glad to hear you guys are happy and healthy. Marae is just the cutest little thing! And her newborn photos you posted- OMG!!! Adorable! I will continue to pray y’all stay healthy, especially through this virus. You’re such a great mom and role model and I really admire the relationship and you and your hubby have and the love for family and God. Stay blessed ❤️ Becky

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