Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

Experiencing Loss / Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

I cannot believe I am saying this, but today I AM 37 WEEKS! YAY! In this post I will recap my 36th week of pregnancy. I hope everyone enjoyed their valentines day weekend. My 36 weeks was very rough and lots of things happened this past week.

Our 4 Year Anniversary

February 12th is our anniversary. Hubby and had planned out our day and we couldn’t wait to partake in dinner. Well our plans changed because I ended up getting sick. I was feeling okay in the morning and then by the afternoon I felt like I had the flu. I lost my appetite which I am still gaining back. I had a fever and chills. Plus my throat was hurting. Thank God I didn’t have the flu, I ended up going to an urgent care to check and make sure.

Well, we had to cancel our dinner plans. So hubby cooked for me and ran me a nice epsom salt bath. The bad thing about getting sick when pregnant is that you can barely take medicine. For a fever I can only take Tylenol. Then for congestion and cough I can take Sudafed, Mucinex, and Robitussion. Because I started coughing up thick pieces of mucus, my doctor went ahead and put me on antibiotics too.

Gucci Mane’s 40th Birthday Party

The next day after our anniversary, I was feeling better by the end of the evening. So I decided to join hubby as his date to Gucci Mane’s 40th birthday bash. It was so beautiful and nicely decorated. Gucci was so humble and his wife Keyshia was so beautiful. I really enjoyed our experience.The food was bomb and we met some really nice people in the music industry from other artists, Dj’s, producers, etc. We stayed out out until about 1 am in the mooring. Let’sjust say the next day I felt awful again.

Our Valentines Day

Valentines day started off rough. After that long night at Gucci’s birthday bash. I felt like I went back to day one of being sick. I had a photoshoot in the morning that I couldn’t miss because a company was paying for it. I felt HORRIBLE and just wanted to ball uP and cry. After my shoot I started on the Sudafed and antibiotics. After I started the Sudafed I started to feel rapid relief. After my photoshoot, hubby dropped me off at my mom’s house so I could rest and he went to practice. That nap was the best nap of my life after feeling like how I was feeling that morning.


I have officially beat constipation. Somehow my baby is so big that he/she helps mommy go to the bathroom more regularly because he/she is putting pressure on my biles. I’ve been feeling more Braxton hicks and sometimes constant ones for hours but then they go away. Sometimes Baby Goodwin pushes his/her head down on my cervix really hard and it makes me jump and scream. Another symptom is my heart rate. I get so tired and out of breathe sometimes by doing the littlest thing like putting lotion on or brushing my teeth.

My pregnancy journey is almost coming to an end and my journey to actual motherhood is about to begin. I cannot wait for all the new life changes. Some people say “okay now, get ready for those sleepless nights,” as if I haven’t been dreaming about this moment for years. My hubby and I have been through too much Pain and suffering to worry about some sleepless nights. I could care less about the struggles I’m going to face in motherhood.

I had plenty of sleepless nights because I didn’t get to bring my baby home from the hospital. You honestly think I care about a sleepless night or a blow out or my postpartum body. Man please, I am praying for everything that comes with being a mother including the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I cant wait to share those moments with you all. Baby Goodwin will be here soon and we cant wait to meet him or her.

Ps: The next time I write on my blog, I will be introducing Baby Goodwin. Stay Tuned on GoodwinSZN.

Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. You are soo strong! I am glad you at least got to enjoy yourself some of your anniversary weekend. May you have a safe and quick delivery. And congratulations again on baby Goodwin!!!🥳🥳🥳👑💪🏽❤😍

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