Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, February 9th, 2020
incompetent but hopeful-child loss

It feels great to be 35 weeks. One week closer to meeting our baby boy or baby girl. Yes, we still don’t know the sex of our baby. After losing our babies in 2017 and 2018, I decided that I wouldn’t find out the sex of our babies ever again in the future. Why? Well, each time we went to our anatomy scan, I always received devastating news about my cervix funneling (shortening). This is also the can where they tell you the sex of your baby.

In 2017, we received our baby’s sex in an envelope because we planned to do gender reveal. We opened the envelope right before I delivered our first son when I was just 19 weeks pregnant. In 2018, we had or anatomy scan around 16 weeks because we were having twins. We had to break up our scans into two visits; one at 16 weeks and one at 18 weeks. Hubby and I did a private gender reveal with just the two of us. However, three weeks later cervical funneling and contractions sent me to the hospital for a couple of weeks and we sadly loss our twins boys soon after.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Setting Rules

Our baby will be here soon. Yikes, I cannot wait! I just want to see our baby and hold our baby. Since I have to have a c-section, only one person can be in the OR with me. My hubby will obviously be that support person. After delivery, I will only allow a few visitors while I am at the hospital. I don’t know how I am going to feel after birth so I will determine the best time for those selected people to visit. I may have to set schedules so that it won’t be too many people in the room at once.

Hubby and I had to definitely set some rules when it comes to our baby and visitors. All visitors must have TDAP shot to prevent whooping cough. My grandmother is having a hard time accepting this rule. Here’s what I have to say: If you want to see my baby you WILL get the TDAP shot or else you can visit us after 6 weeks. SIMPLE. Some people have to understand that there are too many viruses and infection going around. You cannot expose all of these infections and germs onto a newborn baby because their immune systems aren’t strong. It is also flu season right now too.

There will be no kissing! Do not even kiss our baby hands or feet. All hands must be washed before holding our little one. If you are sick or we’re sick within the last two weeks, you will not be allowed in the room, PERIOD. Lastly, DO NOT share photos or delivery news about our baby before we do.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Prepping For Baby Goodwin

Our nursery is so beautiful. I cannot wait to share photos with you. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel GoodwinSZN for our nursery tour. Plus we will be organizing our baby’s clothes, shoes, etc. Everyday I go and look inside of the nursery and play with all the fun gadgets I have for our little one. Plus, I always go sit in our glider in the room. That reminds me, I still need to get an end table to go on the side of the glider to place bottles and other things I’ll need nearby.

New Symptoms

Honestly, this has been the smoothest pregnancy ever. I’ve been dealing with the same symptoms since the beginning of my pregnancy. Still experiencing lower back pain which is being handled by my chiropractic visits. Constipation is still getting the best of me, so every now and then I have to drink prune juice or a milkshake to get things moving.

Weight Gain???

At 35 weeks, most of my weight gain has been in my belly. So far, my total weight gain is around 23lbs. My doctors recommend around 25lbs to 30lbs weight gain during pregnancy. My arms seem to have gotten a little bigger. I expected to see more water weight in my legs and body but everything seems to be stable. My belly circumference is measuring 42 inches around. At my 35 week OB visit, my fundal height was measuring 40 weeks. This is expected because I have a TAC. So my belly shouldn’t drop like it would in a normal pregnancy without a TAC.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Everyone keeps trying to tell me what I am having. It’s a 50% chance that our baby is a boy and there’s a 50% chance our baby is a girl. It is what it is. At the end of the day, I just want a healthy baby. We will find out the sex when our baby arrives. We are weeks away from meeting our bundle of joy. Let’s see how fast or slow these weeks go by.

Our baby shower video is now out.


Mrs. Goodwin

4 Replies to “Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks”

  1. Ohhhh Lord Morgan I feel You baby girl. I will Tell you the story one day about my baby sister as an infant. She was a twin. Girl/Boy.. long story short.. For me I do NOT go around newborns until after 2 months at least except for immediate family. I actually didn’t see my niece up close until after 2 months. My sister agreed. Or enjoy them from a distance.

    Can not wait until your announcement on that date.. got to watch GoodwinSZN season to know.. lol I remember that video with the date.. love y’all

  2. Thank you for sharing. I am Soo glad you are setting strict rules for baby Goodwin. In my city we had a baby die from a family member kissing the baby. The family member had herpes. So good for both of you! You look absolutely amazing by the way😍

  3. Hi! I completely understand how you feel. I went into preterm labor with our quadruplets at 21 weeks. They passed away an hour after they were born. After, we tried 4 rounds of IUI and no baby. 3 years later our litte rainbow miracle arrived. I was so anxious and overwhelmed with just wanting the baby to make it home and then we wanted to have our own bonding time after everything we went through. Some people had attitudes (and the MIL still does 19 months later) but oh well. Our baby! Lol Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted to say, you’re not alone.

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