Pregnancy Update: I Am 34 Weeks Today

Experiencing Loss / Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Yay, one week closer to the finish line. After my baby shower, things slowed down a little. I am enjoying my pregnancy and now I am planning a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. Yes, you heard that right. I will be traveling to Miami for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

My doctors are totally fine with me traveling on a short flight from Atlanta to Miami. In addition, I will be having a prenatal check up and another ultrasound to check on my cervix and the baby before I leave. This precaution is to make sure that nothing has changed. I will be leaving Wednesday evening and returning Monday morning.

Am I nervous to travel? No, not one bit. If you would’ve asked me around 17-24 weeks of pregnancy, my answer would’ve been totally different. Since my 19 week scare, I haven’t had any false labor or contractions. My TAC is holding my cervix closed and it’s not budging one bit. I know my body and I know that stress brings on more Braxton hicks. If I feel more Braxton hicks than usual, I know that I need to drink more fluids, rest, and get off my feet.

Any New Symptoms : Recapping 33 Weeks

Our Baby’s movements have changed again. Now that our baby is getting bigger, I can see large movements on the outside of my tummy. Just imagine looking at your stomach in the mirror, and just seeing several large nubs (arms and legs) gliding across your tummy. It’s the most amazing thing to see and feel. I am truly blessed to be able to experience pregnancy and be as far along as I am.

This moment is still surreal for me. I don think I will believe it until my baby is in my arms. And even then, that moment may still be surreal me. I probably won’t believe any of it until our baby is literally 1 years old. It sounds crazy, but this all feels like a dream to me. Especially given what my husband and I have been through within the last few years.

My pregnancy journey will be coming to an end soon. I am going to miss being pregnant. I love being pregnant. Watching my tummy grow and hearing the different milestones our baby makes each week is truly amazing. When I get back from Miami the count down starts. I cant believe I am less than 22 day away from my c-section. YOU HEAR THAT?! OUR BABY WIL BE HERE SOON!!!

Don’t forget to check out our latest videos on GoodwinSZN. We had an OB appointment at 33 weeks and we put together our baby’s crib. Our nursery and nesting phase continues.


Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. I am anxiously awaiting your baby’s arrival. Praying for you and your wonderful husband. Can’t wait to see you holding your baby. Truly a blessing ❤️

  2. Praying that you and Marquise will truly enjoy parenthood and that your baby will be healthy, wealthy and wise. Have a safe flight. Love Kim Byrd

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