Pregnancy Update: Huge Milestone 28 Weeks & Third Trimester!!!

Experiencing Loss / Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

I am officially in my Third Trimester! I finally reached my next pregnancy milestone, 28 weeks pregnant! I’ve officially ordered my breast pump through my insurance and things are finally getting more and more real. Marquise should be arriving to Atlanta soon and I cannot wait to see him. He’s going to be shocked at how much I’ve grown since the last time we seen each other at the end of November. Stay tuned for our 3D/4D exclusive ultrasound video on our YouTube channel, GoodwinSZN.

C-Section Date

I have officially scheduled my c-section date. We will share a video on GoodwinSZN, so check there if you haven’t already. We are super excited. I was actually able to pick my c-section date based on my doctor’s availability and my gestation. My OB’s and MFM’s recommend me give birth between 36 and 37 weeks due to my prior history of pregnancy. Guess my c-section date…

Wow, I cannot believe its getting down to the last portion of my pregnancy. With my past pregnancy history, I didn’t know if I’d ever make it to the third trimester and here I am. Let alone, I had never officially made it to the half way point of pregnancy either, now look at me. I am growing our beautiful baby boy/girl. Just praying for comfort, peace, and a smooth sailing third trimester.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss
Taken at 27 weeks 5 days

Baby Shower

I think we have officially decided on our baby shower date. Since hubby was placed on IR, I won’t have to have my baby shower super late on February 9th. We have come up with a date, FINALLY! We are going with January 19th, which is right in between both of our mom’s birthdays. So we can kill two birds with one stone and celebrate their birthdays with them too.

I was so afraid of having my baby shower that late in term but I realized that it was normal. You have to schedule your baby shower when you feel ready or whenever you can. Football season can be annoying sometimes because we end up missing so many holidays and birthdays because hubby can’t leave. People just don’t realize how much we miss out on being in the league.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss
Baby Goodwin @26wks 6 days

Our Baby Registry

We are registered at Buy Buy Baby and Target. We are asking for gift cards because we will be in between homes. We aren’t home in Dallas and we aren’t settled in San Jose either. We’re actually moving out of our apartment in San Jose December 19th. Hubby and I will be staying with my mom until birth. In addition, we are still trying to figure out if we are going to rent a spot, buy a rental property under our LLC, or Airbnb after the baby comes. So many options to choose from. It’ll be better to make a decision once hubby comes to Atlanta so he can see the housing options with his own eyes.

Please Please Please, NO BABY GIFTS. I cannot stress this enough. We keep telling family and friends and they still want to buy the baby something lol. We are not trying to be shipping huge amounts of baby gifts back to Dallas or California. Heck, we don’t even know how long we’re staying in Atlanta and we certainly don’t know if we will even go back to our Dallas home anytime soon. We will buy baby items as needed.

Plus, we have several companies already sending us major items we need for free including Boppy, Owlet, Haaka, Como Tomo, ErgoBaby, Elvie, SwaddleMe, and many more companies. So please don’t waste your money buying baby products we may already have. We would like to use the gift cards to purchase diapers and wipes of our choosing on an as needed basis. The gift cards would also be used to buy more clothes based on our baby’s sex after birth.

Happy Third Trimester To ME!

Mrs. Goodwin

6 Replies to “Pregnancy Update: Huge Milestone 28 Weeks & Third Trimester!!!”

  1. Congratulations Goodwin family! So happy for you and y’all’s journey! The excitement is a joy to follow! My guess is February 11th or 14th for your c-section date. I believe y’all anniversary is around that time so what greater gift then that of baby Goodwin! Many blessings! Thank you for sharing!

  2. So excited for you & your husband! Every time I see you picture pop up there’s another week gone! Can’t wait until you’re able to hold your bundle of love. ❤️💙❤️💙

  3. I’m so happy for you guys. I know you don’t know me but I’ve followed you guys story. I have 5 miracle children after being told I could never have any. Every child is a gift from God. 💝

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