Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks

Experiencing Loss / Monday, December 16th, 2019
incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Pregnancy Update: I am currently 27 weeks and 6 days pregnant, I will be 28 weeks tomorrow. Yay, this is my next milestone in pregnancy. Time seems to be moving a little more quickly. Also, sorry for the late post this week. I’ve been dealing with a lot, so let me catch you up.

Issues With My Medication

As I mention in previous YouTube video, I have to take shots once a week. The medication is called McKena. The McKena shot is used to prevent pre-term labor and it needs to be injected once a week starting at 16 weeks. I haven’t had an issue this whole time receiving my medication until now . The hold up is with Accredo Pharmacy. They are holding my medication saying that I need prior authorization for the medication.

Mind you, I’ve already gotten prior authorization when I first started my shots at 16 weeks. So why would I need prior authorization again. Also, I spoke to my insurance company and my MFM (high risk doctor who prescribed me my medication) and they both say that everything has been properly done on their end.

I wonder if I can sue this pharmacy for holding my medication, especially if they cause me to go into labor early because of a missed dose. So I contacted my new OB and MFM office and they’re going to send me to a local pharmacy that is 1hr 30min away from me. I have to get a compounded version of my medication so I can take it on time. Plus, I’ll have to pay out of pocket for the compounded version when my insurance already covers this for me. It’s just a big mess.

New Pregnancy Symptoms

Besides the stressful situation with my medication, I haven’t had any real new symptoms arise. My lower back/hip pain on my right side is still bothering me but it is very dull. The pain mostly shows up when I lay flat on my back on hard surfaces. This upcoming Thursday, I plan to see my local sports chiropractor that I use during track season. Even though my pain isn’t at a level 10 right now, I still want to make sure that the pain doesn’t get worse again. So I will probably get back on my schedule of going every 2-3 weeks.

Body maintenance during pregnancy is so important to me. I found a placed called Pregnancy Massage Center out here in Atlanta and I literally had the best massage ever. I schedule a weekly massage all the way through the month of January. Your girl wasn’t playing no games! LOL.

As far as stretch marks, I still haven’t gotten any on my stretching belly. I love being pregnant! And I absolutely love feeling my baby move around. It’s such a great feeling. Maybe by 30 weeks I will have another huge growth spurt. Still not uncomfortable yet, as I’ve seen other women in my Facebook pregnancy group already complaining about being uncomfortable.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Hubby’s Surgery

Marquise had to get surgery earlier last week and he is still recovering. Last week, he had a bone marrow transplant from his hip into his knee and a PRP shot in his big toe. Although his procedures took 30 minutes they still put him to sleep. Both of these procedures were done to help promote healing to his injured joints, ligaments, and tissues. His recovery is going well but he will be out for two weeks. After those two weeks, he will be able to slowly get back into pool training and elliptical training before running on hard surfaces.

I Need Some Zen

Please pray for me as I was really about to cry on the phone with the pharmacy company because they’re really stressing me out. I am usually good about not panicking and keeping calm. However, I almost broke down this morning and just had to hang up on the phone cause I just couldn’t take it. Thank God, my OB and MFM here in Atlanta was able to get me an alternative option. Also, stay up to date with us on our YouTube channel, GoodwinSZN. We share lifestyle experience and my pregnancy updates.

With love,

Mrs. Goodwin

8 Replies to “Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks”

  1. Try to relax and not get overwhelmed by it all, everything will be fine. Your just moving along the baby will be here before you know it. My daughter works for Accredo, I wish I could help. GOODWINSZN
    I will continually pray for you, baby and your husband.

    1. They finally was able to ship my medication, it was held up due to my insurance merging with another pharmacy and the system was filing it under pharmacy claim instead of medical claim. so frustrating.

  2. Congrats on 28 Weeks! You can also contact Makena Directly and let them know what the pharmacy is doing and they will send out your injections at no cost directly from them! I had an issue last year with the Makena Shortage per my pharmacy that delivered them and the manufacture sent them directly to me at no cost due to the pharmacies delay.

  3. You have every right to be mad, especially because of that being a weekly medication. Try to relax though. Yoga is wonderful for your body, mind and soul. Prayers up for you, baby and Marquise. Soon you’ll have baby in your arms. Take it easy and lots of rest. Much love.💜

  4. So glad you got your medicine try to stay calm I understand how this would upset you but you don’t need to put stress on body or baby then you need too try to take deep breaths when get upset God got you covered you have come too far prayers for continued healthy an safe pregnancy love following your journey

  5. The devil is busy But God conquers all. I’m glad you got some leave way with your meds.. You wear pregnancy well. I am So proud of you. You all are a beautiful couple. Hope to see you soon. Somewhere in the grocery store lol.

  6. Wow I was so frustrated reading that!!! I am glad you had an alternative option and that you have things under control. Good luck with everything and God bless!

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