Viability Week: 24 Weeks Pregnant | Happy Birthday To My Twin Boys

Experiencing Loss / Monday, November 25th, 2019

I cannot believe I have finally made it to viability week. I am currently 24 weeks and 2 days as I write this blog. What a journey I’ve been through to get to this point in my pregnancy. At 24 weeks our baby has about a 40%-70% chance of surviving outside the womb with advanced medicine.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

My Birth: Cesarean Section

My anxieties have been low ever since I had my 23 week appointment, when my doctors checked my cervix and the growth of our baby. As long as my cervix is closed, I am good to go. Now I just have to keep my baby safe and sound inside my uterus for the next 12/13 weeks. I will be having my c-section between 36 and 37 weeks. I don’t have a date yet but hopefully I can get a date sooner than later.

For those wondering, I have to get a c-section because I have a TAC in place. Read more about TAC’s HERE. I’m not worried about the pain after a c-section either, I just want my baby to be born full term and healthy. Since I will be moving to Atlanta at the end of this month, I have to switch doctors. I’ve already found a great doctor, Dr. Jose Garcia, who delivers at Northside Hospital. He’s familiar with TAC pregnancies and he also went to school with my TAC doctor. Northside is the best hospital for delivering babies, they have really great doctors for neonatal care, which is a plus.

Am I crazy? DO NOT KISS MY BABY!!!

Am I crazy for wanting to set certain rules when it comes to visiting me and the baby in the hospital and holding my baby? Like wash your hands before touching or holding my baby and don’t come if you’re sick or coming off of a cold. I don’t even want little children coming around my baby because they carry a lot of germs from daycares, crawling on the floor, and touching everything.

My biggest rule: DO NOT KISS MY BABY! And anyone who visits needs to be up to date on their shots and get a TDAP shot. Getting a TDAP shot helps prevent whooping cough in babies. Whooping cough can be very dangerous to newborns and babies under 6 months. I feel like I am going overboard. It makes me worry about my baby’s health after hearing all these viruses and bad things happening to babies after people visiting.

Overprotective Mama

Right now, I honestly don’t even want anyone else holding my baby except me and hubby. My mind could possibly change after having our baby. But for now I am being very overprotective. Did any of you experience this filling? Am I going overboard with my rules? I think they’re pretty basic rules.

Happy Birthday to our twin boys, Marquale and Marcel, who were born prematurely in 2018. I know they’re looking over me, hubby, and their new baby brother or sister.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. You’re not crazy and people need to be up to date on their tetanus shots DTP which is a combination for whooping cough also. Is your baby you make the rules.

  2. Beautiful! I agree with you, no germs, no kissing. My son was born premmie and I didn’t let anyone hold him without washing their hands, nobody who smoked and only close family. I’m so happy for you. Follow your instincts, it’s God instruction book for mommas.

  3. Congratulations on your 24 weeks of gestation. I think you are well in right to be protective of your baby and setting rules with boundaries. I do not necessarily agree with shots being up to date, as vaccinations can be way more dangerous than anything you mentioned.
    Before agreeing to them you may want to study and research them or watch the documentary vaxxed.

  4. You’re not crazy at all. I made people put those masks over their mouth and wash their hands before coming in the room with my kids. I asked people to not come to hospital and when we got home it was about two weeks before we let people other than family come over to see the kids. My husband was worse than me. You guys will be great parents.

  5. You are not crazy or going overboard. My hubby and I lost two babies before we had our sweet little girl Savannah. She was born on 6/18/19 and I too had the rule of no kissing or touching my baby on the face and no kissing her hands. I’m also very selective on who holds her and everyone must wash their hands with the soap I selected. Some may judge me for this but she’s our little girl and we will do what we think is best. She’s 5 months old now and I’m still very cautious and I still don’t allow anyone to kiss her but me and her daddy. There’s so much to worry about these days and I think having experienced the grief of losing two babies makes us just a bit more cautious.
    Congrats Morgan… we’ve been following your journey and we pray for you and your hubby and baby every night. My hubby is a huge 49ers fan and in 2017 we both lost our babies within a few weeks of each other. I remember it so well because I was lost in grief and your hubby played in the game the same day and your story touched us immensely. Sadly we lost our second baby in 2018 and again your stories and faith helped us. Our sweet Savannah is truly a gift from god and we know he is working within you and will give you that blessing too. Wish I could send you picture but not sure how. You have no idea how much you guys helped us through our own grief.

    1. Congratulations I definitely understand where you’re coming from and so glad I could help you get through your losses. So happy to see you get your rainbow baby Savannah, such a beautiful name.

  6. Peachtree Womens Clinic where Dr. Garcia practices is awesome! I love that practice, Ive been going there for years. Congratulations my TAC sister!! Continued blessings for you and your family in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

    1. Hey TAC sister! I found them through searching on Abbbyloopers group on Facebook. So excited to be with Peachtree womens clinic, I keep hearing great things about them. And Northside hospital is great!

  7. To God be all the Glory!!!
    You’re not an overprotective Mom. That’s normal to protect your child. Make sure to also keep the baby inside unless it’s doctor visits. I know I didn’t take my babies out too much at all unless it was for doctor appointments. And, definitely NO SMOKERS ijs. I was ridiculously on the protective side. My child had to be as t least 3 or 4 months before I took them out to a store. I be seeing mothers out in the store with their newborns. It just makes me cringe because the baby is so young..OMG!!! SO, if you can tell, I too was just like you — OVER PROTECTIVE MOM!!! Regardless of who don’t agree, I DIDN’T CARE!!! LOL…I would say, “I love you though”…LOL …I’m gonna miss you going live at the 49ers games. But, we know you’re doing what’s best for you, and that’s good. Take care, and Blessings to you, Quise, and Baby Rainbow! Happy Birthday Marquale and Marcel aka “The Twins”. 🎂❤️

    1. Thank you so much. My grandma always tell me about keeping the baby in the house for the first 6 weeks and only leaving to go to appointments. I am definitely going to stay indoors. Feb and March are flu season months so I am going to be sure to stay inside.

  8. I was up walking a few hours after my C-Section, you will do great! I am so happy for you guys, I am praying daily for that sweet baby to grow, grow, grow!!!

  9. Girl HELL NO you are not being too overly protective. Your baby deserve parents who will protect them even from germs! You have EVERY RIGHT for all the rules you have pertaining other people & how they interact with Baby Goodwin. So excited for you & Marquise! Good luck with everything!

  10. What up. Started my morning off by subscribing to the Goodwin SZN channel and watching all of videos. You two are so dope and full of life. I spent moments laughing crying and smiling. Sending all the positive blessing and vibes to your family. Stay strong and prayed up baby will be here soon. Send love to 11 any giving Sunday keep your head up fam.. REAL NINER GANG!!! it ain’t on me it’s in me..

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