Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks

Experiencing Loss / Monday, November 18th, 2019

I have reached yet another milestone this week. I turned 23 weeks this past Tuesday and I am one week away from reaching the first milestone of viability. Viability just means that if a woman was to go into labor early, 24 weeks would be the gestation where doctors would actually try to save your babies life with extreme measures. You can learn more about viability and the weeks of pregnancy here.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss
Our Baby’s Head Is Getting Bigger

Hubby Wants Our Baby To Be A Texas Native

Hubby keeps asking me why I want our baby to be born in Atlanta lol. It’s not that I want our baby to be born in Atlanta, it’s the fact that that’s where my support system is. We could have the baby in Dallas but then I would have to have my mom fly out and miss work for months to help out with the baby. If I am in Atlanta, she can help me and still be able to go to work. I don’t think he really understands the mother-daughter bond when it comes to giving birth. Obviously because he’s a man, he can’t possibly understand.

Honestly, if we had the baby in Dallas I feel like I could get help but it wouldn’t be on a consistent basis. I’d rather receive help from my mother because I hate asking other people to do stuff for me. I even hate asking my husband for favors. I just know that my mother would do anything for me with no hesitation. She wouldn’t do it out of spite or just because its her grand baby or any other reason, if that makes sense.

Hows Our Baby Doing?

I am measuring right on track at 23 weeks. Our baby weighs 1lb 3oz, WOW! I can’t believe the baby is already a pound. I am measuring right on track at 23 weeks. And my cervix is holding like a rock! Praise Be!

Our Baby Was Grabbing His/Her Toes

We also got to see our little pumpkin in 3D live. Our baby is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I know because his/her kicks and punches are getting powerful more and more each day. It’s the best feeling in the world, until I’m laying down trying to go to sleep lol. Baby loves to be a busy body while mommy is resting.

I have an OB appointment coming up this Friday as a mentioned in my previous post. Pray for me. Its a must, because I need to pass this glucose test with flying colors. I don’t know what I would do if I had to watch my sugar intake 3 times a day. I eat healthy anyways but having to check my blood sugar after every meal would be an tedious task that would get annoying. But it is very important for the baby’s health and my health as well.

I’ll let you all know if I passed. Yay, 23 weeks and I could almost cry. I cannot wait to reach 24 weeks and then 28 weeks and then 34 weeks and so on. Thank you all for your continuous support and prayers.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. Love and blessings to you! 😊 God has got you. I can’t wait to see what love comes in the form of your baby. You and your husband are such positive individuals.

  2. Oh gosh, husbands don’t understand the bond between mother/daughter. I wouldn’t go to the hospital to deliver until we got my grandmother, my son’s head was coming out when we stopped and picked up my grandmother, LOL. She jumped in the car and said GO!!! You guys will be great parents. It doesn’t matter where the baby is born as long as it’s healthy. I will continue to Pray for you guy’s. Stay Blessed.

  3. This is amazing news. Thanks for the update. I love following along your story. Continued prayers for you, the baby and your hubby. You got this Mommy and sounds like you have everything under control.😊🙏🏽 Week by week. The glucose test if you can choose which one the from experience the Orange one doesn’t make you gag; it taste almost like orange soda. Continued prayers again.

  4. This is awesome news! I’m very happy for you all. I can’t wait to hear the results of the test. I remember having to take it. It is the worse taste ever BUT like you said, it’s so necessary.

    I have been following GoodwinSzn for a while now and I stop everything when I see a new post alert (that may not be a good thing always because of work oh well)

    Take care and keep us posted! Many prayers sent…
    (Cousin family – I say that because my last name is Goodwin too)

  5. Best wishes to u I pray for you a healthy delivery god is going to bless you and your husband with this beautiful baby u come so far by faith and what I love about you u never gave up my blessings I Hope it be a little girl I been trying for 3years now to be come pregnant 🤰🏽 me and my husband so now we are talking about doing the IVF u are in my prayers ❤️

  6. Mrs.Goodwin
    You are so on the MONEY, you will need your mama’s support and she will pitch in with no questions asked. When I had my first daughter and ended up in an emergency c-section my husband couldn’t handle the emotional stress after 24 hrs of me being in labor. My Mom jumped right in by my side and sat with me through my surgery. My husband took 2 weeks off of work but felt the baby was too fragile for this 6’3 man to handle. My Mom came over every night after work to bathe my precious Jennifer for her first 6 weeks of life until I could move around with no pain. My Mom has such a special bond with my two girls and I hope to be the same with my grandbabies once I have them.
    You need to decide what is the best for you and your baby, I know it will be a difficult choice, but Mr Goodwin and his team are looking great and will hopefully make it to the playoffs and even though he loves you to pieces, but there is always that piece a man cannot bring that a Mother can.
    I pray for the safe delivery of this baby.
    Much love and courage.

  7. All PRAISES to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! I can cry feeling the JOY that it brings to be carrying an angel. Texas born though!!! They bred differently for sure. But, wherever Baby Angel Rainbow is born, I pray to see a rejoicing in the skies above. Mother-Daughter bond is EVERYTHING!!!

  8. So happy that everything is going good and baby is healthy and growing and I agree a mother’s help after delivering is the best kind of help you can get..thank you for continuing to keep us updated ❤

  9. Praying for you! So happy to watch this journey with you. Thanks for sharing. My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and now I have a healthy 7 year old. You are in my prayers.

  10. Hey Morgan! I’m Annisha Walker. My husband and I live in Canton TX (east of Dallas) are huge Niner fans and I’ve been following the Goodwinz since August of 2018. On August 18, 2018 my husband proposed to me on the sidelines at the 49ers vs Texans preseason football game. Right before he asked me to marry him, Marquis jump the rope between my husband and I and ran up and kissed you. He nearly ran into us LOL. I started following both of you guys that night and I started watching y’all’s YouTube videos. I love the relationship you two have.

    We were at the 49ers vs Seahawks game last Monday. We were supposed to meet up with Tamina after the game and meet you guys, but I don’t know what happened. By the time the game was over I was ready to be back home in Texas LOL! It was an emotional roller coaster, but it was an awesome game and they played their hearts out!

    On June 25, 2019 I gave birth to our precious daughter Landry Montana walker. At 24 weeks at my Anatomy sonogram we found out she had a CPAM in her upper left lung. From that day forward Until the day we brought her home we were scared for our lives. We had to go twice a week and get sonograms and we went biweekly to see her surgeon and my OB. At 39 weeks I was induced at Medical City Dallas and delivered the most perfect baby after 2 1/2 hours of pushing. At three days old she had to have her upper left lung removed, and spent 2 weeks in the NICU before we could bring her home. Having her has changed our world completely! The instant love and connection is so amazing it’s unexplainable!

    I am so excited for you guys! Never lose faith! God has you guys in his arms! Your going to be an amazing mother!!

  11. I read your story on Mommination. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I remember when I was trying to get pregnant with my little one. Each pregnancy test brought self doubt within me because I couldn’t get pregnant. My husband would love on me and try his best to make me feel better but deep down inside I was upset with myself, jealous of other mother’s, and i was asking the Lord when would it be my turn. I ended up learning that I had PCOS.
    My doctor placed me on medications and basically told me that I possibly might have to see a Fertility specialist. After a year I finally gave up and just let my body heal and breathe. Within a 2 month span I ended up being pregnant.

    I’m praying for you, your husband and that precious baby. I know that the Lord will fulfill every want and need.

  12. Definitely The support system in which you are most comfortable is best. ATL OR TX that bany is going to receive an emmense amount of love and you have some Great support sustems already in place. PRAYING FOR A GREAT OB VISIT !!

  13. Morgan I am so happy for you guys I could burst. I’ve been checking in for updates so thank you. I had my TAC with doctor Haney in October and I’m praying for you. I’m looking for hope in you and this precious child of yours.
    Its almost 6 months since I lost my twin boys and reading your blog has meant so much to me. Your TAC is holding great!

    I’ll keep you in my prayers. Take good care of yourself and allow others to spoil you.

    1. My Dr Haney TAC was the best decision of my life, Great choice, Prayers for you. Whenever you do get pregnant, email Dr. Haney and let him know.He will check up on you and your pregnancy. You can email him about anything and he will respond.

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