Bed Rest, Anxiety, and Irritable Uterus

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, October 20th, 2019

I have an irritable uterus. I’ve been placed on bedrest for a week until my next appointment on Tuesday. Apparently I overworked myself with traveling and house chores. I traveled to the LA to watch my hubby play against the Rams. I got back in town Sunday night after the game, but on Monday I started to have some contractions in the evening (period cramping). They didn’t hurt but I knew it wasn’t normal.

So of course, I panicked and couldn’t sleep. I called my OB around 12:30am and she told me to take some Tylenol and drink water and try and go to sleep. I was also told to go to labor & delivery if the contractions persisted. Well, I finally went to sleep. Luckily, I had an appointment scheduled for the next day anyway. I was having my cervix checked again anyway because they needed more photos of our baby that they couldn’t get last week at our anatomy scan.

Before my appointment, my OB called my high risk doctor and they told me to rest all day before coming in to my appointment. I was also ordered to start taking Motrin 600mg every six hours for 72 hours. Motrin helps with inflammation and uterine cramps/Braxton hicks. However, it’s not safe to take for long periods of time because it can decrease fluids and also close a valve in the babies heart. But this problem is more of a concern after taking Motrin frequently past 26 weeks.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss
incompetent but hopeful-child loss

What’s Bedrest For Me?

Irritable uterus sucks and it scares me making me worried for the outcome of the rest of my pregnancy. I’ve been on bedrest for about six days now. It totally sucks so I am hoping I don’t have to stay on bedrest throughout the duration of my pregnancy. For this week, I only get up to eat, go to the bathroom, and shower.

I had to cancel serval appointments this past week including London’s vet appointment, my lash appointment, and my prenatal massage. Instacart has saved my life; I have been ordering groceries and a couple weeks ago we hired a chef to do our meal prep for our lunch and dinner. I also hired our cleaning lady from last year to help me keep the house clean with the amount of guest we have constantly coming every weekend.

Since being on bedrest my appetite has dropped tremendously. I eat a very light late breakfast either a spinach and strawberry smoothie or yogurt and fiber bar. For lunch I usually don’t eat all of my food because I get full quick, which causes constipation from not being able to be active. Then for dinner I just eat my lunch leftovers.

Stressful Week Full of Anxiety

This week has been stressful so I’ve been trying not to let it get the best of me. Hubby left me early Friday because they have an away game this Sunday so I’m home by myself. I’m currently 19 weeks 4 days, which is the gestation when I lost my twins last November. The year before that in 2017 I lost my first son in November at 19 weeks 5 days. This is truly a test showing my will and strength as I make it past today and tomorrow alone.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month: My Twin Loss

Thankfully, I have a couple of girls coming throughout the weekend to keep me company and bring me food. Shout out to Mandie for bringing me a home cooked meal from her chef and keeping me company Friday. Also, my mom has been calling me every morning, afternoon, and night just checking on me. She’s worried about me being alone.

Anyways, contractions stopped and I am doing just fine. I wish these days could go by much faster. Please keep me and our baby in your prayers. If you’ve dealt with an irritable uterus in your pregnancies, please let me know how you and your doctor managed to get them to stop. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out my hubby’s latest blog post CLICK HERE. I will update you guys next week. Stay tuned.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. I too had a irritable uterus and a had to have a cerclage! I was hospitalized and had a pic line with magnesium sulfate for 58 days! I got to 30 weeks with several shots of steroids for my baby girl! She is my million dollar baby! She was our 3rd and last baby after having our 2nd baby Karissa we lost at 22 weeks we were told I’d never have another baby! She is our miracle baby!! She is celebrating her 25th birthday today and is caring her rainbow baby! She had a miscarriage and is expecting her baby girl Kara Karissa Dec 1st! I’m praying for you and your baby! πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Hi. I have ic and just had my rainbow baby 2 months ago. 2.5 years ago, I just my baby girl at 19 Weeks so this time, I had a cerclage placed at 14 weeks.

    At 20 & 22 weeks, I had gushes of blood and clots coming out. My cervix was getting shorter. So I was put on bed rest starting at 20 weeks only getting up to use the restroom, take a shower sitting down, & go to doc appointments (in a wheelchair). Around 30 weeks, it wasn’t as strict and I was able to go to the store couple times a week (still in a wheelchair). It was hard but we made it!! Good luck! Keep up the positive thoughts & prayers. It really does work.

      1. Thank you!!! It’s a crazy journey. It is definitely possible, especially with God & prayers. I will definetely keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers! One day at a time. I know you’ll be blessed with your rainbow soon.

  3. Praying for you and your baby!πŸ™πŸΎ
    I have an incompetent cervix also, didn’t find out until I went into premature labor at 28 wks with our oldest son. He weighed 2lbs 2ozs, he is now a 20 yr old, sophomore in college and 6’1. We lost our second born son at 22 wks and I was on bed rest. Our youngest son was born at 28 wks also weighing 2lbs 4ozs. I was on bed rest, with a cerclage but he came early. He is now a 16 yr old, high school sophomore and 5’7. A day at a time…we’re all lifting you, baby and your hubby up in prayer. Thank you Jesus!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ

  4. I was admitted at 22 weeks as I was dilated to 3 with my cerclage! Terbutaline did not work for me! They gave me magnesium sulfate and thank God it worked! They also gave me a series of steroid shots which helped develop her organs and lungs and with the bed rest out weight on her! You and your husband and precious baby are in my prayers! It is such a stressful and scary time and if you have not gone through it so hard for people to understand! I’m here for you! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Thank you for responding. Your daughter actually reached out to me on Instagram, so beautiful. Thank you for the prayer. My dr mentioned mag if I went into actual labor. So far contractions went away just using the ibuprofen. I still have Braxton Hicks though, probably more than the average woman but they aren’t painful and they aren’t affecting my cervix.

  5. Morgan, you are an amazing and strong woman! Keep the positive vibes up as much as possible! You got this!!! We are going to meet this healthy, beautiful baby and I cannot wait. 😍 praying for you constantly. I’m so excited for this blessing and your growing family! Love and well wishes!!!

  6. You are more than one strong mama. I couldn’t imagine how you are feeling… but all your boys would have been beyond lucky to have you as their mama. Hoping today goes by fast for you.

  7. Prayers for you, hubby and baby! I remember your story so well because I also suffered a loss Nov 2017. Get plenty of rest although the weeks seem like they go by so slow, they are passing by so fast if that makes since lol! I was on Makena Injections for my rainbow pregnancy because my doctor was unsure if I had IC or if I PPROM…. I delivered our Rainbow baby girl Dec 2018. You’ve got this! Take it easy ❀️🌈

  8. Always prayers going up for you, Marquise, and baby rainbow. We’re trusting God that He will cover, protect, and keep you during this time, and NOT let fear, anxiety or stress creep in. This time is very crucial and I know you are a very independent Young Queen but I would like to encourage you to take as much rest as you can, and eat as much as you can. Ask the doctor to see if you can take a stool softener to keep you from being constipated. Trust me I know you hate to depend on others. In due time, you will gain your independence back. I had to go to a high risk doctor because of my age and two huge fibroids. And, would have Braxton Hicks alot during my second trimester. But, I stopped doing so much and would rest up alot. And, that helped me! Just like anything we face, God is there to see us through. I’m believing in JESUS CHRIST name, for great success with Baby Rainbow.

    Love you Sis!
    Tammie Bender

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