Getting Ready to Go to Houston

Lifestyle / Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Getting Ready to Go to Houston

It’s the last day of training camp (open practice). I am actually sitting out here right now as I type up this blog post. I am so late on writing this blog because again, I’ve been so busy.

It might seem funny that my life seems like I am always busy but I feel like when we first come back to Cali for football season, life moves faster. During the off-season we literally do nothing but travel. That’s so much more simpler than football season. During football season we constantly travel, run back and forth to the facility, and go to football games every weekend. We get one week off during the season and it is called “bye-week.”

During “bye-week,” the guys can go wherever they like and not have to train at the facility. They are literally off during this week but they are still encouraged to train and workout on their own time.

I am getting ready to go to Houston this week because the 49ers will be training with the Houston Texans this whole week. I will be in Houston from August 13th thru August 19th. It will be nice to get some Texas sunshine and heat, and we can’t forget about the humidity in Houston.

I don’t really have any plans while I am in Houston. I will link up with a couple of friends while I am there and probably go and grab a bite to eat or something. My main focus will be going to the game and making my flights on time. I always have anxiety when I have to catch flights and I barely get any rest the day before.

I will be vlogging this last day of camp so be on the lookout for our upcoming YouTube Video. Check out our YouTube Channel “GoodwinSZN” and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel.

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