I’m Busy Settling Back In

Lifestyle / Sunday, August 5th, 2018

I’m Busy Settling Back In

I have been so busy trying to get back settled in California. I have also been running the streets with some of the other wives up here. Not necessarily running the streets but celebrating birthdays, going to brunch, getting massages, etc.

Training Camp…

It feels so good to be back with my hubby. I arrived to Cali on Thursday, August 2nd. The next day I was able to go see hubby practice during open training camp practice. Open practice allows fans and family members to come watch the players while they practice. I love this aspect of training camp because I get to see my hubby. He is gone through the night and gone all day. The only time I get to see him during training camp is when I go to open practice and in the evening after he is finished with his day. I’ll get to see him for maybe two to three hours depending on how late he stays.

It’s important for him to get treatment and take care of his body after these long days. Training camp can be very brutal. The guys bodies are getting back accustomed to taking hits, tackling, catching, etc. This is why its important to get treatment, get massages, and get plenty of rest. These guys don’t have much time to themselves during training camp.

I’ve noticed that during training camp my husband is more agitated. These guys get so annoyed because they are tired. They are constantly being told what to do all day, in meetings almost all day, seeing the same faces all day, and listening to the same people talk all day. Thats annoying! I would completely understand it if my husband comes home and doesn’t want to talk or come home and just want to lay down in silence.

Busy ole me…

Anyway, I have been cleaning up little by little. The time zone change has definitely gotten a hold of me. I am also still waiting on my car to arrive. Then I’ll have more items to unpack and I am not excited about that.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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