Gearing Up For Training Camp

Lifestyle / Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Gearing Up For Training Camp

Hubby has already left to go back to California for training camp. Camp started on July 25th, which is why he wasn’t able to be with me on my birthday. I mean I could’ve celebrated my birthday in California but he was going to be super busy. I would’ve been by myself the whole day. On top of that, they’re staying in a hotel during training camp. Why would I want to be by myself on my birthday?

This is why I chose to celebrate my birthday in Atlanta because this is where my family is. It’s actually my birthday today as I am writing this post. So happy birthday to me! Today I chose to spend the day with my mom and nephews and later on I’ll be going to dinner with a couple of my closest friends. I always enjoy seeing them.

I am leaving to go back to Dallas the next day after my birthday, July 27th. Before I leave for California I have to get my affairs in order. My car needs to be ship and I have to pack some thing up. My mom is also coming to help me out. She’s coming to spend some quality time with me. Being away from family can be hard sometimes for me. Luckily, I have my hubby’s family to keep me company when he’s away.

I am so grateful to have friends and family in my corner who loves me. Even though my family is small, they play a big role in my life. I can’t wait to get back to California though because I am so excited for this upcoming season. I can already smell football season!

Training camp and pre-season will end August 30th; thats their last pre-season game. Training camp is a critical time for my husband and his team. All of the players stay in the hotel throughout camp to make sure they are focussed. This process really involves team bonding and chemistry building for all of the players. It’s also when the coaches and staff see who’s been training during the breaking and who hasn’t. The former teammates will also get a chance to see what the new teammates are all about and vice versa.

Training camp can be a struggle sometimes for the wives and families of the players. But as a wife, its important to be strong and understanding during this time. The last thing I want my husband to be is, annoyed. So please if you are reading this post, try and refrain from calling him so much. He barely has time to talk to me and he needs to stay focus with no distractions. He doesn’t care if Bonqueshia busted your car windows LOL. It’s a joke.

Again, thank you for all of the birthday wishes. I really appreciate you all.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin



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  1. I’ve been out twice to training camp and the fans are really excited and your hubby is playing great and he’s one of the best with the fans, he always takes time for them

  2. Momo i really enjoy your blogs. You and hubby really make my day. Just remember you are beautiful. Prayers for you and your family.

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