My Hubby Surprised His Mom With A Brand New House

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, July 8th, 2018

My Hubby Surprised His Mom A Brand New House

I am so proud of my hubby. He bought his mom a brand new home. A little bit of a backstory: My husband was raised up in section-8 housing. They moved every year to a different place. Even after he left, his mom was still renting homes and never had a place to actually call home. Remember my Father’s Day blog post dedicated to my hubby called Happy Father’s Day To My Husband? I mentioned that he was doing a good deed for someone special on Father’s Day. That good deed was purchasing his mom a house.

This was all meant to be. The funny thing is, the first day we went to go look at the house we told them we wanted it. We made a deal that we would bring our deposit the next day because they were closing. Do you know that another family came back that same day to try and take the house off of the market. But since we had already made a deal with the seller, they took our word for it. The next day we brought in the money order and started the whole buying process.

The buying process took a total of two weeks; which is really fast. I think it only took that long because hubby had to leave and go back to California for a week. Paper work was a breeze because we weren’t using a lender.

His mom knew we were buying her a house but she didn’t know we were already working on buying her a brand new house. Initially, when we first started looking at homes it was just me and his mom looking with our realtor. When we found a nice one, we would bring my hubby back to look and make final decision. We were looking at used homes at first.

After the first week of looking at used homes hubby wasn’t very happy with what we were finding. So we had to up our budget a little. As soon as we upped the budget we found gorgeous brand new homes. At this point, me and hubby took it upon ourselves to look at the brand new homes. We only looked at one because it was just what he was looking for, especially for his sister. His mom probably thought we stopped looking and got busy. However, we were fully invested in finishing this process before we left to go back to California.

I am very happy with our decision. I am also very thankful for our realtor, Nikki Giles, she is really one of a kind. We’ve grown so much together during this process and consider her as family. My hubby is truly a good person and sometimes his work goes unnoticed. I love him so much because he is selfless, loving, and giving. If you would like to see our youtube video you can visit our youtube channel, GoodwinSZN. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin


7 Replies to “My Hubby Surprised His Mom With A Brand New House”

  1. That is sooo awesome.. you all never cease to amaze me.. I absolutely love It.. Congratulations mom on your new home.

  2. I stumbled upon this story and YouTube video, and I must say…you are gorgeous, adorable, funny and the list goes on and on. An amazing wife, sister in law, daughter and daughter in law.

    I too, lost a child in my eight month (I almost died giving birth) so I understand what you’ve been through.

    Will follow along on YouTube and look forward to your beautiful smile, and amazing attitude.

    Wishing you EVERYTHING good in life for you and your family.

    If it is meant to be, I know you will be the most amazing mother in the planet. I say that because I never had children after I lost my child, it wasn’t meant to be….we never know what tomorrow brings but we must always keep striving for joy, and spreading it to others….keep up the great work.


    Love from NYC,
    VICKI Winters

  3. I tear up each time I see the video. It’s the sweetest thing ever and seeing your hubby smile while surprising his mom and sister was extra special – you could tell he was so happy to do it. You two are beautiful, may God continue to watch over both of you! xoxo

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