Our Vacation In the Bahamas Was A Success

Lifestyle / Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Our Vacation In the Bahamas Was A Success

If you haven’t read my previous post, We’re Planning For Our Bahamas Vacation, I mentioned that we were staying at The Atlantis. It’s a big beautiful resort that’s basically all by itself at the edge of the island. Our vacation was a success!

Remember when I told you that I wanted to go parasailing this time while we were in the Bahamas? Well, we finally were able to go parasailing. We almost didn’t, but we found time to go. I was little nervous because I didn’t know how I would feel being so high in the air with just a harness. While we were up there, it was so peaceful. You could see everything, from the beautiful blue water to the city of Nassau. There were also tiny islands located all around that you wouldn’t be able to see if you were standing on the main island.

Other than parasailing, we partied every night. There’s a casino at the resort and club located in the resort. Surprisingly, I didn’t gamble this trip. Usually when I go to the casino, I will gamble about $200 on roulette or blackjack. Once I lose my $200, thats it. LOL. I am not a gambler and $200 is a lot of money to me.

Every night we would go to this bar/lounge located in the casino and just sit and talk. We would also watch the people who were dancing on the floor, well they were “trying to dance.” It was so funny to watch. But everyone was just grooving to the music; the DJ was really good too.

We were a party of 17, so dinner was usually really late around 9pm. That’s a very late dinner. I was super tired before we even got to the dinner table. But this was the only way they could accommodate us where we could all be at the same table. The first night we ate at NOBU. I love NOBU, its a Japanese restaurant. The second night we ate at an Italian restaurant called, Carmine’s. And the last night, we ate their newest restaurant called Fish by Jose Andres. All of the food places were impeccable.

I enjoyed our stay at The Atlantis. There’s so much stuff to do. Relaxing on the beach and in the cool water is always a must. I will post a few photos below. If you want to see our trip, visit our youtube channel, GoodwinSZNTrust me you don’t want to miss it. Like and subscribe to our channel to see our life behind the scenes.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

Photos Below

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

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