We’re Planning For Our Bahamas Vacation

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, June 24th, 2018

We’re Planning For Our Bahamas Vacation

OH MY GOSH I am so excited for our upcoming vacation in the Bahamas. This will be my fourth time traveling to the Bahamas. I think we may start going every year around the same time. We have a group of friends that go at the end of June every summer.

The only downfall to going during this time is missing the USATF Track & field championships. Professional track and field athletes try out to make olympic teams, world teams, Pan-American game team, etc. at this event. Its like the biggest meet at the end of the year. All of the track and field athletes work hard to make it to this meet and come together to compete to make these teams. We really enjoy track and field so we don’t really like missing this meet.

We will be staying at the Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. The hotel is really nice, but pretty pricey. I think its worth it though because the food is really good and theres a lot to do. They have water slides, a lazy river thats not so lazy, and plenty of beach. I usually love all-inclusive resorts. At all-inclusive resorts you get free food, drinks, and alcohol; you literally don’t have to pay for nothing.

Vacation at the Atlantis is great for couples, singles, or families with children. They always have different events going on. The hotel also has a daycare and teen center for children. Atlantis also has all types of activities and games for them.

I cant wait to go back to Atlantis. Last year I didn’t get to ride all of the slides because I was scared. The first time I ever went to the Bahamas I was there for a track meet and we didn’t stay at Atlantis Resort. The second time I went was with hubby and his friends. The third time I was 12 weeks pregnant on a Disney cruise with my sister and nephew so I really couldn’t get on any of the big slides. This time I will try and face my fears and get on the scariest slides.

Also stay tuned to my blog so you can have access to our youtube channel. My husband and I will be vlogging our Bahamas vacation. You’ll get to see everything we do and get to know us a little better. If you have any recommendations on things we can do out in the Bahamas please let me know. Last year we swam with sharks, hung out with the pigs at Pig Beach, and fed iguanas on the beach. I will be writing about our 2018 Bahamas trip soon.

With Love,

Morgan Goodwin


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