Happy Father’s Day To My Husband

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Happy Father’s Day To My Husband

As you may or may not know, my husband is an angel father. We lost our son when I was shy of 20 weeks pregnant, one week before my husband’s 27th birthday. I just want to take the time to wish my husband a Happy Father’s Day. I commend him for everything he does. Through all the tragedy and struggles, he stood by me. We continue to grow together and we continue to have each other’s back. We’ve faced adversity before but nothing compares to losing a child. I never knew my heart could hurt so much. I’ve changed so much as a person after my loss and began to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Today my hubby woke up in a good mood. This made me happy because it’s a hit or miss when holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s day come around. Every holiday will be tough for us because every holiday after our loss I’m just going to think about what things would’ve been like if my baby boy was actually alive. But as long as we have each other I know everything will be okay.

Life is good right now. I feel good knowing that my husband is okay on Father’s Day.  I just always tell myself to take everything day by day. We need to live in the now and stop living in the past and present. Which all boils down to appreciating life and blessings that are around us. This Father’s Day is really special because my husband is doing a good deed for someone else today. I cant really speak on it now, but soon you will find out what we did on this Father’s Day. His good deed shows his true character, always putting others first.

Happy Father’s Day

Today, I want to wish all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day! I have a total of three fathers in my life, so I am truly blessed. My real father has been there for me since I was born. Even though him and my mom divorced, he did the best he could do for me. They co-parented great and are still friends till this day. My second father is my stepfather. He’s been there for me since I was about six or seven years old and raised me like I was one of his own. I truly respect him for taking care of my mother the way he does. And my third father is my older sister’s father. He also raised me and cared for me like I was one of his own. I love them all dearly and I am blessed to have three fathers. Again, Happy Father’s Day!!!


Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. I saw the good deed your husband and you did for his mother. It’s a fresh breath of air to see someone at you all age still humble with the status you have. It doesn’t appear that you both have let the money or your statue not keep you grounded. I’m very sorry for your lost but GOD will see fit and bless you with the children you desire. My prayers are with you both and May GOD continue to Bless you both

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