My Weight Loss Journey

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey has been up and down. I am still struggling to lose pregnancy weight. My weight has been fluctuating for quite some time now. Our pregnancy was not an easy task to do. It took us about a year to get pregnant and I had to take fertility medicine to induce ovulation. Being a top-tier athlete shut off my ability to ovulate on my own because of high-intesity workouts. Which I didn’t find out until I went to see a fertility specialist.

After losing our baby, I had a transabdominal cerclage (surgery) put in three months later. Then I went back to my fertility clinic a month after my surgery to try and start up again . The hormones from taking fertility medication makes weight loss impossible. So as soon as I started back taking the fertility medicine, my weight loss journey went down hill. I started picking up weight again.

When I first started my weight loss journey, I was working out four days out the week until I blew my back out. I took a month off to heal. Then I started back up again for two more weeks. Then I had surgery and had to take off a whole month. I finally started back and its been a good two months of training for me. Looking back at photos three months after our loss, I did see a major change.

Check out my photos below:

incompetent but hopeful-child loss incompetent but hopeful-child loss

(Left to Right: two days post pregnancy and two months post pregnancy)

Before getting pregnant, when I used to eat food or drink too much water my stomach would poke out. Now after getting pregnant, this problem has gotten even worse. Even though I can see my abs, there is still some fat sitting right on my stomach. I cant seem to get rid of this fat. So I end up looking three months pregnant after I eat, which sucks.

However, my legs have shrunk a little. Being on bedrest during the end of my pregnancy really took a toll on my body. I had tons of cellulite running down my whole leg. Now, the cellulite has diminished and I’m starting to tone my legs back up. This is a good thing because my legs have always been a good quality of mine.

During my pregnancy my hips and butt spread so much. My waist got a little bigger but not much. I can still fit back into my jeans, however, I struggle to get them over my butt. Pregnancy definitely gave me some more shape and now I feel and look like a woman now. Even though I came home empty handed, I’m still glad I got to experience everything. My weight is one thing, but life is so much more important. I try not to  get wrapped up in the whole snapback after pregnancy ideal. At the end of the day, I have to love my body if no one else will.

With love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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