I Am A Total Gamer: I Love Video Games!

Lifestyle / Sunday, May 27th, 2018

I Am A Total Gamer: I Love Video Games!

Growing up I used to be a little tomboy. I never would dress like a boy but I loved to compete against boys. I would wrestle them, race them, and play video games with them. I’m not a typical gamer though.

We have an Xbox One at home and I love to play games like Call of Duty, Mafia III, and Grand Theft Auto. I also love to play The Sims 4 on my computer. I’m the type of gamer who loves to play simulation games. Simulation games are the games that gives you the option to control your character and make choices for them. This is why I love The Sims.

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I grew up on The Sims; starting from day 1. My mom bought me every Sims game I ever wanted. Its crazy when I look back in time and see how the graphics have changed dramatically. The graphics are so much better and you can do so much more. Let me tell you how bad my obsession is:

It is to the point where I can play for 8-14 hours straight. I can play The Sims for hours not giving a hoot about anything else; not even food. Hubby used to always ask me what I was doing on my computer all the time. He didn’t get it at first until I showed him how to play. He was amazed.

Now I cant even get him off his computer. He plays The Sims more than me now. He’s more obsessed with created characters and building homes. I am obsessed with playing the actual game, building families and climbing my way up to the top of my career. I remember when he first started playing the game eh used to ask me all these questions. Now he’s a pro at The Sims. He learned how to do most stuff on his own by watching Youtube Videos. Hubby is obsessed with building luxury mansions.

I guess you can say that were both gamers. I am more of a gamer than he is though. Do you like playing video games? I always thought it was weird to see adults playing video games, especially women. But I realized I am one of those weirdos. I don’t play them all day every day but I could if I wanted to.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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