Trying To Conceive Is Exhausting, We’re Taking A Break

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Trying To Conceive Is Exhausting, We’re Taking A Break

We’re taking a break from trying to conceive (TTC), its exhausting. I know other women can relate. TTC takes all the fun out of sex. It adds pressure and makes us women go insane. My hubby is practically running away from me now (jk-he wouldn’t do that). Sorry in advance to all of my elders reading my blog who knew me from a child. I am about to be 25 years old in July, so I am not a child anymore.

WOW! I will be a quarter of a century in age. I feel old just thinking about it. In a couple more years, the rookies and new NFL players will look at me and my hubby as “the old folks.” When the football guys turn 28-years-old they become the older men out of the group.

As far as TTC, I am still young and have plenty of time. Well, thats what they all say but I don’t feel like I have time. I don’t want to be a tired parent; I want to play with my kids while I’m still young. My mom was 33-year-old when she had me. Although she was more mature and more financially stable, I still feel like that’s too late.

Oh Fertility, Fertility, Fertility…

Older women are more prone to fertility issues when they reach their 30’s. Not everyone, but I guess majority. Doctor’s say that egg quality and egg reserve decreases as you age. Meaning there is more risk for bad quality eggs after you reach a certain age. Bad eggs leads to miscarriage and other life-long medial conditions for your baby.

My husband has been wanting kids for a while now, basically since I’ve been in college. I’m like “Um no way, I am on a track scholarship and I haven’t even graduated yet.” So he had to wait. Now that we aren’t waiting anymore, I feels like I’m never going to get pregnant again. Which is why I feel like when you TTC it brings on more stress. Especially for me, after what I’ve been through I’ve been trying to get things going as soon as possible.

This is why I want to take a break from TTC. So I will take this summer off to enjoy life. I want to have fun this summer. I don’t want to worry about not being able to do certain things during the two week wait (TWW), like drinking alcohol or ride roller coasters. For those of you who do not know what the TWW is: After you ovulate, there is a TWW until your period starts again. If your period doesn’t start, congrats you may be pregnant.

I promise this summer will be stressed free. Also don’t ask me if I’m pregnant just because you see me in a photo with a two-month baby bump. That’s from my previous pregnancy, LOL. I still haven’t managed to get rid of my stomach pudge. My belly expands after I eat or drink anything. The snapback ain’t been happening for me, but thats okay. LOL.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

8 Replies to “Trying To Conceive Is Exhausting, We’re Taking A Break”

  1. Momo just enjoy intimacy with your husband. If you can focus on that and nothing else BOOM 💥 it will happen when you least expect it..

    Y’all are the Let us know when you’re in town again. I will Love to see you.. 😘😘

  2. The cray thing about TTC once you stop trying that’s when many people actually get pregnant because they’ve left the stress and calculation out of it. Good luck I’m sure in due time everything will come when it should

  3. Don’t worry baby as soon as you stop thinking about it then bam here come my little man or my little princess is going to happen God would never fail you like that

  4. TTC definitely put insecurity & doubt in both me & my hubby!! It took us 2 years & I had to go through so so many tests! Once I just “Let go, and let god” while still on folic acid and prenatal’s it happened.. also with the help of the AVA bracelet.. I didn’t have to think about anything.. it all sunk to my phone and told me! It’s a bit of an investment but it definitely helped take away the stress of TTC! Your love is visibly strong, it will come! xoxo

  5. 30 isn’t old at all. Egg quality usually goes way down at 35 anyway. My son was stillborn at term and I tried for 7 years. Luckily my current pregnancy didn’t take that long, but if it did I’d be 32. I didn’t care how old I’d be. Age is a number. I can see why you’d be worried in late thirties, but be careful about saying a certain age is too old. We never know someone’s story. God bless you in your endeavors hun.

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