What Does The Moving Process Look Like For Me?

Lifestyle / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

What Does The Moving Process Look Like For Me?

I know you guys are all wondering what goes into our moving process. And what’s it like for me? Oh boy, it’s a crazy hectic process. Luckily, the 49ers offer great resources to help you along the way.

Last season, I found us an apartment close by to the stadium/practice facility. It was easy and convenient for us to get back and forth. Since we only brought up one car, I had to drop him off and pick him up most days. This year is different.

Since my hubby received a contract extension, we looked for something a little more permanent. We searched for a house to rent. This was the hardest thing ever. Let me tell you why…

  1. The homes are very old, built in the 1950’s and 1970’s. And some haven’t been renovated.
  2. We live in Texas. The homes in California are much more expensive. Remember that the homes are old too. Imagine spending 1.8 million for an old beat down, un-renovated house. We just couldn’t pull ourselves to make that type of move.
  3. The homes go off the market quick here. We Spent two full days looking at different homes. We were literally three minutes away from one house and the agent called saying that they just rented it out the appointment before mines. Hubby and I looked at each other like “what the heck.” We learned our lesson. You have to take charge quick.

incompetent but hopeful-child loss

Knowing this, let me explain to you how lucky we were to find a new house. I was searching the website and found a band new home that was just listed a day ago. I sent an email requesting to view this home. The agent called me about 30 minutes later saying she was at the property and I could come now. I said great, I am only 15 minutes away. She said she will wait.

The house was brand new. Appliances haven’t even been placed yet. She gave us a tour of the house and hubby said, “this is it, I want to rent it.” It happened that fast. I sent her the credit report application fee and we met back up two hours later to fill out some more forms.

The people who viewed the home before us, called her that same night saying they wanted to rent the home out. However, they took too long to make a decision. Now the house is off the market because we made a decision right away. This goes to show you how the housing market is up here in this area. With all the new tech companies around, people are constantly moving here. Which raises the worth of the homes causing the owners to put them on the market.

What’s Next?

Finding a home was very stressful for me. Running round the city looking at different homes. Dragging my husband with me because he has to be there to approve. This is always a hassle cause he wants no part in this process because he hates the moving process. I literally have to drag him by his arm to come.

Now since we got the hard part out of the way the rest is up to me. I make sure we each have a bill in our name for proof of address. This means that when I set a bill up under his name he has to be next to me so he can say, “yes, you are speaking with Marquise Goodwin.” LOL.

I had to transfer our rental insurance to our new address. Then set up the gas and electric bill. Next, I have to get the water and sewage registered. I have already called the movers and they will be moving our furniture in soon. All of this happened with a matter of two days.

This pretty much sums up the moving process for me. It seemed long and hectic but it went by fast. Thanks for reading about my stressful moving process. I will keep you all updated.

With Love,

Mrs. Goodwin

4 Replies to “What Does The Moving Process Look Like For Me?”

  1. So in Texas, do you have like a permanent home, or do you rent here, too? Or do you stay with family?

    And yes homes in CA are crazy expensive. My brothers just moved from San Francisco to San Diego. And my best friend lives in San Jose. And my other brothers in Sacramento. Luckily they have fantastic jobs! My mom and I would love to live there, but nah. We will stay in Texas. Lol.

    Have a great season! Love you three!! XOXOXO

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