We’re Heading Back To California-OTA’s vs Training Camp

Lifestyle / Sunday, April 15th, 2018

We’re Heading Back To California-OTA’s vs Training Camp

Our off-season is coming to an end. By the time you read this we will already be back in California. As I stated before in my “Life As A Wag” post, we live in Dallas during the off-season. When “OTA’s” (Organized Team Activities) start, we have to leave and go back to California.

“OTA’s” is basically a precursor to training camp. The guys usually report for OTA’s early to mid-April and don’t finish OTA’s until mid-June.  OTA’s isn’t usually mandatory, however, the team may have some mandatory days. Its important for the guys not to miss this part of the season because its great for bonding. It helps the guys get in-shape for training camp and helps them get acquainted with new team members. Building chemistry between the different players is very important.

Now training camp doesn’t start until the end of July and beginning of August. Training camp takes place at the same time as the NFL preseason games. This is also the time when NFL teams make their final roster cuts. This is why its important to go to OTA’s because it prepares the guys for training camp.

Training camp is very intense. The guys are usually gone for 8-12hrs a day sometimes. They wake up, have meetings, practice, learn the playbook, meet new staff, etc. Meetings run long and depending on what team you’re  on, determines what time the guys get to go home.

Some teams will keep the guys from 6am to 8pm. While other teams are considerate, only keeping the guys from 8am to 5pm. San Francisco 49ers is a family oriented team so they value the guys’ time. They are very considerate. On the other hand, The Buffalo Bills used to keep the guys all day. The Bills also held their training camp an hour and a half away from Buffalo, NY in a different city and had the guys staying in dorms.

I hope this post helped explain some of early-season NFL process. Stay tuned, I will explain everything that goes in to this moving process. I know people would love to know what this process is like for me so feel free to ask questions. It helps me come up with new topics for my next blog posts. I figured that explaining the difference between OTA’s and training camp would help y’all out in the future while reading my next few posts.

With Love,

Morgan Goodwin


4 Replies to “We’re Heading Back To California-OTA’s vs Training Camp”

  1. Sounds like the way the bills handled training camp is just another reason it’s good to be with the 49ers
    The faithful definitely appreciate you and your hubby on and off the field

  2. We love having you and Marquise on the 49ers! It’s been awesome to see the current team grow into what they are today. It seems like the players are even better men off the field and it makes us proud to be fans!

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