How I Dealt With My Breast Engorgement After Coming Home Empty Handed

Experiencing Loss / Sunday, March 18th, 2018

How I Dealt With My Breast Engorgement After Coming Home Empty Handed

I’ve been meaning to write this post a while ago. After my loss, I didn’t have any breastmilk during my hospital stay. I assumed I wouldn’t have to deal with breastmilk at all. Well, I was wrong. I had a serious case of breast engorgement. Breast engorgement is when your breast are painfully overfull with milk.

Three days after giving birth, I had extremely painful breast. The pain gradually got worse and worse. By the end of the day, my boobs had grown two whole cup sizes. I looked like I had just received breast implants. It was unbelievable! My husband was in disbelief; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

I called friends and family to find out what I could do to help relieve the pain. I even watched YouTube videos. Many remedies included using cabbage, breast pumping, expressing milk, and Sudafed.

Everyone kept telling me that they have never seen breast engorgement to the degree that I was experiencing. Nothing was coming out for two whole days. I felt like I was about to get Mastitis (a serious infection of the breast tissue).

Helpful Remedies That Worked For Me

What worked for me? I believe Sudafed worked the best. Sudafed is an over-the-counter medicine used for congestion. I tried the cabbage and Ace bandage as well. It didn’t work quick enough for me. The tightness of the Ace bandage did help relieve pain though. The pressure from the Ace bandage is actually good for stopping your milk supply.

I also tried peppermint oil. The cooling effect was a little irritating though. So I stopped using it after two days. It took about two full weeks to relieve all of the engorgement. However, I still had to deal with the leaking. I would constantly leak throughout the day. To fix this, I placed wash clothes on my breast and changed them once they became soaked. I was also still using the Ace bandage.

Another important tip worth mentioning is how I showered. When showering it is best to face away from the water. The hot shower water stimulates the nipples causing your breast to produce more milk. My engorgement went down as soon as I stopped facing the shower. Trust me, it works.


With love,

Mrs. Goodwin

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  1. I had the same issue after having my daughter…the painful part is not that your breast hurt, it’s the fact that your body thinks it has to produce enough milk for your newborn baby. Although, with sadness there is no baby and all you can do is look in the mirror with grief & disbelief that this has happened to you…Morgan I totally understand everything you’ve faced. All I can say is thank you God for strength we can smile today. Our Rainbow babies are on the way…Stay strong & positive love! 🌈
    God Bless you & the hubby ❤️

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