I Try Not To Get Mad but I Can’t Help It. I’m Tired of Seeing…

Experiencing Loss / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

I Try Not To Get Mad but I Can’t Help It. I’m Tired of Seeing…

You know what grinds my gears? I hate seeing fathers who don’t take care of their kids. But you want to lay up with different women and make babies. I hate seeing mothers abandon their children; throwing their responsibilities on everyone else. But you want to spread your legs and have unprotected sex. All for what? It’s several women out here in this world who would love to have kids and can’t. If you don’t want kids, wear protection and/or use contraceptives.

There are women in this world who try to have kids, but they end up miscarrying. There’s women who experience stillborns, preterm labor, incompetent cervix, premature rupture of the membranes, and infections that all cause child loss. But yet, parents choose not to appreciate their blessings. Children are a God given gift.

Like maybe, losing my son was a lesson for me. As I sit back and observe, I see things I would never do as a parent. Losing my baby made a huge difference in my life. I didn’t lose just one, I’ve lost two. I had an early miscarriage at 8 weeks a couple of years before conceiving my son. My first child would’ve been turning four this January. With every child I bring in to this world, by God’s will, I will cherish them like no other. I will love them and make sure I do my duty as a mom. I know it will be hard but I will do the best I can.


On the flip side, I love seeing mothers who are beyond amazing with their children. God bless you beautiful mothers out there.  Your work doesn’t go unnoticed. These women made a decision of a lifetime and have taken full on responsibility.

I wouldn’t say I hate neglectful parents. Hate is a strong word, my mother taught me better than that. But I will say, I am not perfect, no one is. I make mistakes and I sin too. I’m no different from any other individual. Who am I to judge them on their mistakes and their flaws as parents? Which leads me to a prayer.

I just want to take the time and pray for every parent out there in this world. For those of you who have experienced holding your child in your arms and for those who haven’t gotten that opportunity yet.

“Dear God, I come to you humbly, asking you to spread your knowledge and love to each and every parent. I pray for comfort and direction for those who need it and also those who seek it. Bless all those parents around me and show them your true blessings; allow them to see your will and your way. Help those in need so that they know you are always by their side. I love you dearly. Amen.”

If you’re reading this, and you have kids, take the time out to appreciate them and comfort them. Snuggle them and let them know that they’re special to you. Do that for me please, because I didn’t get that opportunity. I didn’t get the opportunity to watch my child grow old with me. However, I was blessed to have the opportunity to carry my babies in my womb and blessed to hold my deceased baby boy before saying our goodbyes. I thank God tremendously for that opportunity.

With love,

Mrs. Goodwin


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